XYplorer v19.70.0000 Multilingual-P2P + Portable

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P2P team has released the latest build of”XYplorer”. It’s a strong file system which can be utilised as an alternative.

Query : XYplorer is an multi-tabbed dual pane file manager for Windows, with a powerful file search, a flexible preview, a highly customizable interface, and a large collection of special strategies to automate frequently recurring jobs. It is extremely fast and light, it is innovative, and it’s fun!


  • Tabbed Browsing
  • High end locate documents engine with tremendous power and incredible speed
  • Instant preview of image, sound, and movie documents
  • Thumbnails of image records shown right in the document listing
  • Immediate Record of installed and uninstalled TrueType and Type-1 font files
  • Immediate Record of HTML, MHT, PHP files with printing alternative
  • Instant display of complete file/version information for each selected file
  • Various revolutionary highlighting features add visual grasp to tree and record
  • You get a Visual Filter for the file list
  • Column Width Auto-Adjustment
  • Highly customizable display formats for file size and date information
  • For each file and folder, the (real!) Disk space used is immediately displayed
  • Remembers last folder location, sort order, scroll location, and chosen file
  • Browser-like history performance…and many, many …

Release Name: xyplorer-v19-70-0000-multilingual-p2p-portable
Size: 5 MB/7 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


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